Motorola Shadow is on the Internets again, who changed the CPU?

Motorola Shadow is on the Internets again, who changed the CPU?
The recent influx of wacky leaks for the Motorola Shadow we reported strutting its stuff in gyms and manuals made us believe for a sweet second it is ticking with the speed of a 1GHz Snapdragon. The newest leak from the same bad boy who posted a snap from the manual however, treats us to a new photo of the prodigal phone and the information that it will actually sport a Texas Instrument OMAP 3630 CPU, which clocks at 720MHz. The villain also shrank the screen to 4.1” and the inbuilt memory to 8GB.

Now, obviously the gym tipster wasn't a good listener, but still some of the things heard in the previous leaks remain the same – the Motorola Shadow does 720p HD video with its 8MP camera (which is believable considering the CPU supports hardware accelerated video), runs a newer version of the MOTOBLUR UI, and is lighter than the original Motorola DROID. In addition, we can now clearly see that the Shadow has an HDMI port. Still, we are in the dark whether the 9mm thin device will have the DROID's hardware keyboard, or not, and the newest leaked snapshot isn't helping much in that respect.

Motorola Shadow Preliminary Specifications

source: Engadget via PhoneDog

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