Motorola Motus heading to AT&T with unique form factor?

Motorola Motus heading to AT&T with unique form factor?
Recently we informed you about an upcoming Motorola device called the Motus. The only proof we have of its existence is rhe usual blurry photograph and the Motorola roadmap. The device, as we wrote in the earlier story, is a variant of the Motorola CLIQ for AT&T which means it will have MOTORBLUR, and a 5MP camera. But there many differences. As for the form factor, it is a flip phone but when closed, the keyboard remains on the outside facing out. Because of this unique design, on the lower left of the QWERTY-where you can see a white flash-is where the camera lies along with an LED flash. According to a tipster for Engadget, who brought them all of this information, the camera is also designed to be used as a webcam.

When the handset is open, on the bottom of the keyboard is a trackpad that allows you to scroll the screen while you type away with your thumbs. Another position allows you to keep the phone upright for use as an alarm clock or video display. Speaking of the keyboard, the letters are backlit and are domed. While early reports show that the Motus is powered by the same 528MHz processor as the CLIQ, the tipster says that the device actually has a 1GHz Snapdragon processor running the show. Either way, the phone is "very responsive" according to the source, who also passed along the news that the Motus won't be launched until next April or May and will possibly have a different title than Motus. Too bad. We were beginning to like the way the alliteration rolled off our tongue.

Motorola Motus Preliminary Specifications

source: Engadget

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