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Motorola Devour to have flash support

Motorola Devour to have flash support
An interesting bit of news was discovered by browsing the spec sheet for the Motorola Devour. The Android powered handset will come out of the box with Adobe Flash Lite, giving it something that even its big brother DROID doesn't have. The 3.1 version of Flash Lite will support Flash 9 content and will work in the browser. All of this and the phone uses the same processor-the Qualcomm MSM7627-as the Palm Pixi. And yet, Palm refuses to allow the Pixi to be enabled for flash because of its low end specs. With this is mind, it would seem that the Android Flash Lite 3.1 player requires less power than the webOS Flash 10.1 player. Or perhaps the Devour has a secret source of power-maybe the earth's yellow sun turns it into a superpowered phone. The handset is expected to be launched next month by Verizon.

Motorola Devour Specifications

source: Motorola via Engadget


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