More alleged HTC M8 cases reveal cutouts for either a fingerprint sensor or a second camera


Several cases have been floating around the web these last few days, all of which specifically-crafted for the upcoming HTC flagship refresh. Or that's the theory at least. 

Codenamed the HTC M8, HTC's new top shelf will apparently sport either a fingerprint sensor or an extra camera unit on its rear. Either of the two seems like an actual possibility, as the former is already found on the HTC One max, while the latter has been hinted by Bloomberg sources with "direct knowledge" of the company's plans. Moreover, a cutout this wide should provide enough swiping area for the swipe type fingerprint sensor that HTC has utilized with the One max. In any case, these cutouts also fit the bill as far as this early leak of a purported HTC M8 back cover goes. And lastly, while these cases have all been found browsing Chinese Alibaba's ecommerce platform, leaker Sonny Dickson has also gotten his hands on the very same cases and he's putting his weight behind them. The Apple-centric tipster has had a positive track record when it comes to rumors, and this time around he's claiming that a source with access to phone parts has send those in. 

Of course, as appealing as these theories are, there's always a good chance of these never materializing. That said, we've found that whenever leaks start piling up, and they all point to the same thing, it's generally a shade safer to make tentative conclusions. As of today, we're thinking that HTC indeed has something a tad more out-of-the-ordinary brewing at its labs, and we can't wait to see the results. 

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