Mobiado 105 ZAF is the slimmest luxury phone

Mobiado 105 ZAF is the slimmest luxury phone
Mobiado announced yet another model of its Professional line, with the ‘easy to remember’ name 105 ZAF. It is claimed to be the slimmest luxury phone at 0.4” (10.6mm).

Its frame is made of polished and anodized aircraft aluminum and stainless steel is used for the buttons. Sapphire crystal is also widely used in the new Mobiado model, which helps both for the look and the wear resistance. Large pieces are used for the front and back sides and the battery cover. The “unique” sliding mechanism used for the battery cover, allows it to be made of a whole sapphire crystal part, not hurting the “one-piece-look”.

The specifications are not as impressive as the look, but are better than previous offerings. It has a 2-megapixel camera, 1GB memory, 2”-display and a multimedia player. As it is a quad-band GSM and dual-band (850/1900 MHz) UMTS, it is usable (including 3G) in both, U.S. and Europe.

*Update*: The Mobiado Professional 105 ZAF is available in six colors (black, black satin, blue, grey, red, and silver) for $3000 before taxes.

source: Mobiado



1. BOBWA1954 unregistered

It's as ugly as SIN

2. someone unregistered

i can't see the luxury

15. Andy Hao unregistered

I'm sure your IQ is too low to see it. Any way, you are not their target customer.

3. Jbob unregistered

Buttons like an early 80s TV... retro

4. unregistered

some idiot will buy this phone

14. Andy Hao unregistered

It's the style, man. You just don't have it.

5. unregistered

No doubt the ugliest phone I have EVER seen.

6. unregistered

do the buttons stay down until you push a different button?

7. Jayarod unregistered

looks like a 50's remote control... not very attractive...

8. unregistered

devilishly excellent phone but cant compete with apple!

9. unregistered

ya best phone ever!

10. farhan unregistered

may be the phone name is luxury

11. unregistered

it looks like a gym lock

12. kuku unregistered

I will have this phone! It's awesome!

13. dD unregistered

very good phone. i use it over 2 years and it is awesome!

16. andreea unregistered

what....the..crap is this?? looks like the inside of a squirell

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