Microsoft working on high quality 3D face scanning using a Windows Phone camera

Microsoft working on high quality 3D face scanning using a Windows Phone camera
Using what it calls Skynet UI, Microsoft Research is working on a way to scan faces using a regular Windows Phone camera, and print out a high quality image using a 3D printer. The process of turning physical objects into 3D models is called 3D Reconstruction, and the Skynet UI is supposed to make the whole process a lot easier for consumers to do.

Based on an accompanying video that shows face scanning using a Windows Phone handset, you're simply taking a 360 degree photo of a face. The program on the camera gives you cues when and where to move, similar in some respects to the panorama photograph apps that are available on most smartphone platforms today.

After you scan a subject's face, you can move it around on the screen, keeping the 3D representation. Connecting to the 3D printer would allow you to produce a 3D model of a person's face. There might not be too many uses for face scanning by the average consumer right now, but in the future it could be employed as a photography setting on your average handset. 3D Reconstruction could be used to produce virtual store layouts for online retailers, furniture and room layouts, and more.

source: MicrosoftResearch via WPCentral



16. windowsFTW

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well atleast we have john connor so we are not totally screwed when the terminators come.

7. alterecho

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"Microsoft Research is working on a way to scan faces using a regular Windows Phone camera" If only they put much effort and research, on how to make Windows Phone better.

8. AfterShock

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I bet Sippy don't like you. Amazing that you tripped trapped across his bile drainage ditch bridge without a barrage of axes being flung. Kudos.

10. joey_sfb

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Not necessarily. Windows phone is just another me too! Where else a 3D face scanner is cool. Windows phone are cheap, if the 3D scanner works well I might buy for this feature alone.

11. bbblader

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Sadly it isn't everywhere.Where I live,the Lumia 620's price is just above that of a Galaxy S3. It's really stupid,because the hardware difference is huge. And the GS3 has many more features.

12. NokiaFTW

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Troll detected!

13. papss unregistered

Nope it's already awesome.. you must be miserable in real life

15. elitewolverine

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Yea i know, giving me 4hrs of battery life after the low battery indicator gets tripped, or i dont know, how about not rebooting and giving me process errors out of the box (thanks note 3 which i havent gotten rid of on my 3rd device). Or a better than 'icon' interface. And others but we know we know we know, alter got tricked, alter has no cash for a droid, alter cant explain to the world how he loves droid but can't even aford the most basic of droids to ease his inner fire

4. CX3NT3_713

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That's awesome!!

2. Xenaz

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I really hope someday I'm able to find an article with a title of "XXX working on super long lasting battery technology for mobile which could last for at least 24 hours heavy usage"

3. express77 unregistered


5. express77 unregistered

i also wish that battery tech actually come. only hearing about some week lasting battery tech for couple of years but no actual product. and it will be tech company or some research lab not XXX company.

9. Xenaz

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Where the hell do you see I said "XXX Company"?????? =_="

1. express77 unregistered


6. shuaibhere

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Project head should be fan of terminator series...

14. sgodsell

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Always knew Microsoft was going to start up skynet and then the terminators.

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