Mango may start rolling out to Vodafone smartphones tomorrow

Mango may start rolling out to Vodafone smartphones tomorrow
Slowly but surely, the Mango update to Windows Phone is making its way to the masses, and another big push may be on schedule for tomorrow. According to a “credible source”, the Vodafone group is planning on releasing Mango on September 21, which should result in all smartphones bearing the carrier's branding to receive the new software version by the end of the month.

We have already reported how HTC Windows Phone devices in Taiwan were treated to Mango and how in Russia, the HTC Mozart was being sold with the update pre-loaded. Stateside, however, we are still waiting to hear when Microsoft and the nation's carriers are going to treat us in a similar fashion. 

Nevertheless, the update was promised to be pushed out across the U.S. this fall, and the summer is nearing its end. Perhaps, the first days of the new season are going to bring along a sweet treat to everyone holding on to a Windows Phone device? 

source: Windows Smartphones (translated) via wpcentral



1. sps unregistered

What about the unlocked windows phones?

2. kainy

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It wont be tomorrow ... it will be the last week of September... tomorrow is for the instores rollout.

3. venkat vijay unregistered

Anyone, pls tell me, if i purchase samsung focus unlocked from ebay now, gets future updates like mango etc...?

5. snowgator

Posts: 3621; Member since: Jan 19, 2011

Yes, but I could not tell you what time frame it would be as compared to a carrier supported Focus. But you will get the update. Just be sure to check what processor the Focus you are looking at has. Samsung had to use subsitute Processors in some Focus models due to shortages, and the models with the subsitute processors took forever to get the Nodo update earlier this year. You may be better off just waiting for the Mango update to have rolled out and purchase one that has already had it installed. The Focus will be an easy buy once the new devices are out.

4. BigEaze22

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6. lubba

Posts: 1313; Member since: Jan 17, 2011

joe belfiore indicated fall. Now he did not state a specific date. Therefore when 9/23 hits, every should be recieving the Mango update. Does anybody know if it was fall in Taiwan last week? Stupid!!!!

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