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Leak: Verizon rollover data, free roaming, and throttled unlimited data to become a reality this weekend

Leak: Verizon rollover data, free roaming, and throttled unlimited data to become a reality this weekend
According to a recent leak, Verizon is about to upgrade its postpaid plans with three new features: rollover data, unlimited throttled data, and free roaming.

Although Verizon is consistently rated as one of the best US carriers in terms of 4G LTE coverage and speed, Big Red is well behind T-Mobile when it comes to bonus perks included in the subscription price. As it turns out, however, that may well change this weekend, when Verizon is said to introduce several new features to its plans 

Allegedly, the image that you can see below is a screen capture from a Verizon website that the carrier uses to test-drive upcoming product launches.

The first and probably the most important feature is carryover/rollover data. Essentially, what this feature would do is allow Verizon subscribers to take advantage of the data that they paid for but did not use last month (and last month only). Verizon's rollover data feature is expected to be included in all of the carrier's plans - S, M, L, XL, and XXL - at no extra cost.

Safety Mode is a feature that's elsewhere called throttled unlimited data. Once you've reached your data cap for a billing cycle, the feature would allow you to access the Internet at notably slower speeds until the start of the next cycle. Allegedly, the option will be free to XL and XXL subscribers, but those on smaller plans will need to pay $5 per month for the feature.

Last but not least, Verizon is said to introduce unlimited data and text roaming to Mexico and Canada. Free for those on an XL or XXL plan, the feature would allow you to use your Verizon phone to write texts and use data in Mexico and Canda at no additional cost. Within the United States, the feature will also allow for unlimited calls and texts to Canada and Mexico. Those on smaller (S, M, or L) plans will need to pay extra for the feature, although the exact amount is unknown at this time.

What do you guys think? Is anyone excited to learn that rollover data on Verizon might finally become a reality?

source: Reddit


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