Layar wants to help you use AR to hide words, video and other media inside printed words

Layar wants to help you use AR to hide words, video and other media inside printed words
You might remember Layar as one of the apps that brought Augmented Reality to smartphones. Twenty million people have downloaded the Layar app to a mobile device with 3 million users actively using it a month. Now, the company is offering Layar Creator, a web based application that helps you use AR to hide words, video and other media inside the printed word. Within seconds, anyone can insert images and PDFs or "drop and drag" buttons that say "Buy" into a printed page. Those with smartphones will be able to access the images by using an AR reader like Layar.

The idea is to use the printed page, such as a newspaper, as a point-of-sales tool. With the Layar reader showing the user all of the "Buy" buttons you have placed on the page, along with video and other sales tools, you could make an instant sale thanks to Augmented Reality. And the Layar Creator makes it easy for anyone to add such images to the printed page, at a price that makes it worth doing. The Layar Creator is not only easy to use with its drop and drag functionality, there is also no software to install or codes to learn. Until August 1st, the application is completely free and even afterward, you can choose the ad-supported free app.

According to Layar, 1% of readers who discover that their newspaper has content hidden inside it end up downloading the Layar app to read it. 20% of the content hidden is clicked by viewers. Those numbers were good enough to get publishers to sign up to have the Layar Creator as part of their publishing process. For example, Jildou van der Bijl, editor-in-chief of LINDA says that after the editorial meeting, the editors discuss what will be in the printed version of the magazine and talk about how the content can be connected using Layar. Three issues of the magazine recently included Layar-made interactive pages. The magazine will continue to use Layar Creator in its publishing process for the next year.source: Layar via Reuters


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