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LG G3 - KitKat vs Lollipop UI Comparison

LG G3 - KitKat vs Lollipop UI Comparison
By now, most of you in America should be enjoying Android 5.0 Lollipop on their LG G3s. The update was seeded by AT&T recently, and should be beaming to Sprint handsets as we speak! We already got this bad boy on our handsets so we decided to compare its visuals with the older Android 4.4.2/4.4.4-based firmware. As you can see for yourselves, not much has changed at all, which is actually a good thing. Our impression of the LG G3's stock interface is that LG adopted a Material Design-esque aesthetic before we even knew of Material Design's existence. Remember the white spaces, bold colors and translucent status bar? All of that was there before Android 5.0 was announced, and there wasn't that much to update at all. 

However, those updating to Lollipop will experience Google's lively new menu animations, some new fonts in places, a revamped notifications system (cards & lock screen notifications), the card-like multitasking menu, and other Material essentials. The software nav keys design stays, though, which will be good news for those of you that considered Google's new design too minimal.

UI aside, the Lollipop update is behaving very well. We haven't noticed anything exceptionally good or bad about its stability and speed, but it's safe to say LG delivered a finished, polished Lollipop build to the LG G3. Your mileage may vary, of course. Some users have reported crashes, others batteries have been quicker to drain. But in Android land, it's mostly up to each individial user and their device - the apps they install, the maintenance they do, the activities they do on their smartphones, and other factors that make it difficult to point the operating system as the culprit.

Without further ado, here's our little UI comparison of the LG G3 before and after Lollipop. Can you guess which is which without looking at the pointers?

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