Kamcord for Android makes it easy to live-stream mobile games to a huge community


Developer: Kamcord Download: Android, iOS
Category: Entertainment Price: Free

Are you a gamer, presenter, or just interested in broadcasting your smartphone's screen to the wide-eyed masses? Great, because that's the easiest thing ever with Kamcord! On Android, the app lets you stream everything on your phone's screen and share thrilling scenes from your favorite apps and games. Of course, it also lets you join others' live streams and chat, although starting your own channel is just a few taps away. And so is sending someone a gift in the stream – because that's such a nice thing to do!

With Kamcord's precise focus on mobile and ease of use, the app has what it takes to bring game streaming (which used to require a fairly elaborate technical setup) to regular smartphone users looking to experience the fun of streaming without the technical complications. The only strict requirement for streaming is a device running Android 5.0 or higher. If you have an older device, you will need a computer to go live. Alas, the live streaming functionality is only available on Android because Apple doesn't bundle a screen capture API with iOS. Knowing the big guy, it probably works on an internal solution and takes its time to perfect it, as we can't imagine Apple ignoring the huge game streaming audience numbering tens of millions users.

To help you find the best among all that streaming content, Kamcord places the most popular streams on its homepage, showing metrics like concurrent users and number of likes per broadcast. The team also has the habit of reaching out to popular streamers such as Clash Of Clans gamer Galadon, who now has more followers on Kamcord than on Twitter. The app itself is arranged very tightly, with a simple interface and a streaming function that's just a single tap away.


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