Intel denies reports it's pulling the plug on MeeGo

Intel denies reports it's pulling the plug on MeeGo
Earlier today, reports surfaced from Taiwanese daily DigiTimes claiming that Intel is pulling the plug on MeeGo, the mobile platform previously co-developed by Intel and Nokia. DigiTimes quoted industry sources claiming that the chip maker will “temporarily discontinue development of its MeeGo OS due to a lack of enthusiasm for the platform from handset and tablet PC vendors.” The publication also mentioned that Intel will focus on Android and Windows Phone for its operations next year. 

But it seems that this time the publication got it wrong. "We remain committed to MeeGo and open source, and will continue to work with the community to help develop and meet the needs of customers and end users," an Intel spokesperson said for CNET.

Despite that MeeGo remains marginalized with the only noticeable mobile device featuring the platform being the upcoming Nokia N9. The N9 was met positively in the media with its swipe-centric interface with no buttons, but when it comes to commercialization, the handset will be only available in very limited markets, excluding most Western ones.

Intel has previously also teamed up with LG over MeeGo, but a mobile consumer device never followed. The company uses the platform mostly to showcase its new hardware, but its sales that are moving the industry and it seems that ARM-based processors have cemented their position there. What’s your personal opinion about MeeGo? Do you see any potential or should Intel really just back off the platform?

source: DigiTimes, CNET



1. snowgator

Posts: 3624; Member since: Jan 19, 2011

Huh. Nothing like contradicting stories to make you feel stupid for commenting. Hope Intel sticks it out at least a little longer. While I do not think MeeGo has got room to grow in this market, would love to be wrong. I would like to see and try it for myself.

2. picka_vi_materina unregistered

Well, ofcourse it doesn't have room to grow. Nokia is releasing the N9 in tiny and few markets in order to make sure it fails and say it out loud to the public. WP7 sucks in every way. If it was so good people would have been buying them by now, but no. MeeGo Harmattan is the best OS together with Maemo 5 ;)

6. Mobile-X-Pert

Posts: 565; Member since: Dec 20, 2010

No you're wrong, Nokia did want Meego to be successfull, it's just that in this market it's hard for a new OS to grow, and Nokia cannot be investing and spending all that money on Meego when what they need is to make money and revenue, and on top of that the developers go to where the consumers are. A comunity is not enough to make an OS grow and evolve. Try to analyze the situation and then you will understand why Nokia had to throw in the towel on Meego.

14. PeterIfromsweden

Posts: 1230; Member since: Aug 03, 2011

Agree, WP7 is a fail, otherwise people would have been buying it. Agree that MeeGo harmattan together with bada is are the best OSes : )

3. shrimptaco unregistered

i thought nokia made meego not intel???

7. Mobile-X-Pert

Posts: 565; Member since: Dec 20, 2010

Nokia made Maemo and intel made Moblin and together they made Meego!

4. remyrz

Posts: 205; Member since: Oct 28, 2010

I miss my maemo updates.. my poor n900 T____T

8. Mobile-X-Pert

Posts: 565; Member since: Dec 20, 2010

N900 is a great device, I've seen people even driving cars with it. The comunity has done a great job supporting the N900.

5. karanstyle

Posts: 188; Member since: Jun 26, 2011

MeeGo is Great! And No OS is gud untill its developers are idiots who led to useless apps. But Creative Developers> Gud Apps> Better features to OS> OS supports 90% things and customer is happy! So this is how any OS can make room, regardless of Symbian or iOS or MeeGo or Android or BB OS, etc

9. GeorgyP unregistered

@Mobile Xpert: you don't appear to have more than a surface-level understanding of a. the political and b. financial battles engulfing Nokia and by extension MeeGo. MeeGo has been sidelined by Nokia due to a combination of management hubris, corporate inertia and financial skullduggery on the part of the institutions that own large portions of both MS and Nokia. Maemo5 was actually a better OS than Android or iOS but restricted by design to a single hardware implementation and a refusal to complete certain areas of the software (voice- guided maps, MMS, etc). However, it was actually inhabiting the space that Ice Cream Sandwich is attempting to reach: a flexible, phone-enabled yet desktop-class OS with the absolute best multitasking ever seen. Ari Jaaksi (former head of Maemo/MeeGo development in Nokia, headhunted by HP for WebOS) has finally served his NDA and let the cat out of the bag recently: the Symbian camp at Nokia held Maemo back for fear of it taking over!! The brain-dead, cannibalistic version of internal competition fostered by Jorma Ollila also meant that the ridiculously over-manned management structure snarled up innovation and killed many enhancements that would have ensured that Nokia remained where Samsung is now...witness the killing of Series90, the UI that was EXPRESSLY designed for large touchscreen devices based on the original Symbian reference designs of 2000 rather than that (Series60) for one-handed button-driven phones that have meant more bastardisation and hacking to the extent that it's extremely difficult to extend the code without breaking major strands of compatibility. Witness the continuing inability to increase the S^3 resolution beyond 640 x 360 , etc. Back to MeeGo, the Maemo 5 (N900) situation was further railroaded/splintered by the Intel collaboration as Nokia already had the roadmap for Maemo6/ Harmattan sorted plus a great strategy to unify deveolpment of applications across both Maemo and Symbian by utilising Trolltech's Qt but the diversion of resources to merge distros with Intel meant months of time-wasting which has resulted in a headless UI (for handsets) being its only fruit to date. The N9/N950 devices should have been released last year but were again held back for Symbian ^3 (C6,N8,E7 then E6,X7). While they were losing the platform bleeding-edge status from a hardware POV, the Elop trojan was systematically killing Symbian in favour of the ridiculous WinPhone7 rubbish. The ONLY benefit of the debacle for MeeGo was the fact that since economies of scale are paramount and the WinPhone7 reference designs mandate certain minimum specs, the N9 - which is based on the EXACT SAME hardware as the 'Sea Ray' - has NOT suffered from the atavistic under-speccing that Nokia has been infamous for since their 2005 high-point. This is ALSO the reason why Elop has feared it's introduction on a level playing-field: with even adequate specs (single-core 1Ghz Cortex A8, 1 GB RAM, garden-variety GPU)

10. GeorgyP unregistered

(continued..) It completely WIPES THE FLOOR with any WinPhone7 device, including the just-announced HTC Titan! He took advantage of the fact that the Intel agreement obliges Nokia to release at least 1 phone in some markets around the world BUT didn't specify that those needed to be in the most vibrant worldwide maarkets like the US, UK, Germany, most of the EU, China, Japan, Korea etc and has chosen places like Belgium, Khazakstan etc to comply in true MS lawyer-fashion!! Microsoft has feared Symbian from the late nineties as it regularly beat it's Win Mobile OS in many areas while using less resources and has been doubly afraid of Open- Source software eating its lunch which is why Gates targeted Nokia as it's greatest enemy in the mobile space. Ballmer has played a great hand in inserting his boy into nokia as CEO, getting them to agree to kill their (much better) Maemo/MeeGo platform in exchange for a billion dollars intended for *WinPhone7 MARKETING SUPPORT* and then rubbing salt into the wound by 1. getting Nokia to share it's patents, software assets e.g. Maps, etc with the ENTIRE WINPHONE ECOSYSTEM and 2. having the cheek to charge them a per-unit license fee for selling the crap WinPhone handsets!! In a couple of years, the hollowed-out Nokia will be on life-support from MS who will utilise them as their in-house WinPhone manufacturing arm. For the REAL meat of the above, you may simply go and run a search string to uncover FAR more about the depths of Nokia's stupidity over the last few years that has led them to this sorry pass and simultaneously blighted the chances of one of the greatest OS' to achieve general usage. On a final point, consider that even though HP (Palm)'s WebOS had a rushed and similarly hubristic hardware launch, the extremely close ties of MS to HP with reference to their PC, software services and printer businesses would have left them open to behind-the-scenes hardball negotiations by MS leading them to cut the fledgling OS off rather than have their bread and butter threatened. The dispiriting thing is that both Blackberry (QNX) and Intel (MeeGo) are in a similar position with the former hoping to hold on till next year as it feverishly tries to get the platform finished before becoming insolvent and the latter losing the battle to reduce it's Atom chip's power demands relative to it's capabilities enough to tempt handset manufacturers away from dual- and forthcoming quad-core ARM SoC's. They must be cursing the day they decided to throw away their investment in ARM designs (StrongARM; sold to Marvell), which is one of the main reasons why they haven't gained traction in promoting MeeGo - they don't have a good enough basis for a proper functioning handset beyond a Proof of Concept and Nokia has been taken over in all but name by MS.

11. Mobile-X-Pert

Posts: 565; Member since: Dec 20, 2010

Actually I have read all that on the Nokia conversations blog and some other websites by different people. Thank you for reminding that, but it's kinda hard to believe though and the reality could be different.


Posts: 3131; Member since: Jan 12, 2010

MeeGo bye bye!

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