Instinct, CDMA Touch Diamond coming to Canada

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Instinct, CDMA Touch Diamond coming to Canada
Canadian CDMA carrier Telus has launched a promotional page for the HTC Touch Diamond, and the Samsung Instinct is headed to Bell Mobility with the possibility to see it offered by Telus as well. Here in the U.S., we know the Instinct as a Sprint exclusive, but it appears that the exclusivity is in force within our borders only. Recently, the Touch Diamond has also appeared in Sprint garb, but Telus's page is a bit more official than some leaked photos. Both devices are said to be landing in August; all-in-all it seems like a good time be a Canadian wireless subscriber, if only it wasn't for those pesky three year contracts.

HTC Touch Diamond Preliminary Specifications
Samsung Instinct Specifications | Review

source: Telus; Samsung via Engadget Mobile

UPDATE: It looks like Telus will be the first North American carrier to launch the Diamond.



1. Alex Marar unregistered

I just hope to God that the $30 data plan is unlimited on-device data.

6. unregistered

its $15 for unlimit data add to plan

2. unregistered

the diamond that telus is carrying has the flat back surface not the diamond prism backplate... does anyone know why if this is because they are having issues with scratching or is this just the cdma version?

7. unregistered

because to differenciate the gsm and cdma version also telus version thicker (11 vs 14) but put double capacity battery

10. unregistered

people complained when trying to use it while on a flat surface

3. amara unregistered

why does it look different from the HTC Touch Diamond ... this dosnt look like it. this is wider and has rounder edges .... WHATS GOING ON !!!!!!!

4. unregistered

it looks MUCH better? that's whats going on

5. unregistered

Some Canadian love?.... eh?.... :o)

8. unregistered

"Eh?" You MUST be a true Canadian! ;)

9. j0esm00 unregistered

Im not Canadian but the view is much better there and I am not just talking about the women the natural scenery is awesome too. LOL I don't know why the change on the phone but if its because they put a longer battery life to it then great but unfortunatly its not in the US yet dagnabbit.

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