Twitter users mercilessly mock Apple's "Dynamic Island" eye-brow raising name

If everything had a name like Apple's Dynamic Island
If you have been following Apple, you know that one thing this company does is name everything.

It's not just a high-res screen, it's a "Retina" screen! It's not just more advanced image processing, it's the "Photonic Engine"! And sure thing it's not just any processor, it's the Apple "Bionic"!

The list can go on and on, but here we, distinguished gentlemen, have gathered to honor the new pill-shaped cutout that got what is probably the most eye-brow raising name ever in Apple history: the "Dynamic Island"!

We dare you to try using that in a conversation with a straight face.

Well, we know we can't and we just knew that out of all places, Twitter and the fine folk there would have an opinion worth listening to. Lo and behold, we were not disappointed.

Okay, "Constant Peninsule" is brilliant, but what else has Twitter got to say?

Imagine having to say "Vibrating Plateau" for the next smartphone with an off-center punch-hole camera!

And you have got to love the "Perpetual Protuberance", now that might not make marketing people happy, but it is funny as hell!

Other Twitter users also chimed in with their fair share of suggestions ranging from "Pixel Harbour" to the "Dynamic Unibrow", and the clever ones: "Permanent Promontory," "Static Balcony," "Steadfast Stoop."

Well, thanks for the good laugh, Twitter, and Apple, please don't make us really call this the... "Dynamic Island"...

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