Humor: Sources of a few craters on the moon may have been discovered

Humor: Sources of a few craters on the moon may have been discovered
Nokia shared an image on its Twitter feed yesterday offering only simple instructions, “look closely.” The image shows the moon with a magnifying glass hovering over a few decent sized craters on the surface.  Upon closer inspection you can see what may be the cause of impact creating such massive dents in the surface of the moon.

Look closely and you will see the indentations were caused by none other than the nearly indestructible Nokia 3310. Nokia’s classic feature phone has been the subject of many humorous ideas lately, from the Thor's Hammer to how it would stand up to Chuck Norris. Sadly, the 3310 will indeed blend, but that is not to say the 3310
cannot make an impression.

Fortunately, the era of well built cell phones is not lost on Nokia, as many devices in the Lumia line, particularly the Lumia 920 are extremely well built.  Plus we may be seeing an aluminum built device on the way soon.

With discoveries like this, who needs manned missions to the moon. Perhaps the Mars Rover will find some more interesting discoveries too. Or, maybe this is sampling of upcoming lossless zoom features (not)?

sources: Nokia (Twitter) via My Nokia Blog

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