Huawei phone with an under-panel camera and all-screen unlock is coming in a year or two

Huawei phone with an under-panel camera and all-screen unlock is coming in a year or two
Huawei is currently fighting a multi-front battle - its chip ambitions are in jeopardy and its existing devices could lose official Android official support. Currently the world's number one smartphone company by sales, it will surely not go down without a fight. Speaking to Android Authority, the Chinese giant has confirmed that its future phones will offer all-screen fingerprint unlock as well as an under-display camera.

Now, neither of those ideas are new. In-display fingerprint scanners are pretty common now but a small recognition area means you can't place your finger anywhere you like for authentication and that's what Huawei wants to change.

For power efficiency, the company will also give you an option to disable sensors in some parts of the display and its implementation will also let you unlock specific apps. The manufacturer will also use machine learning to ensure power is only delivered to the part of the screen touched by the user.

If Huawei wants to make all-screen fingerprint authentication and an under panel camera co-exist, it will have to put a lot of sensors underneath the display. Design complexities aside, this would lead to an increase in cost and  the company is currently trying to do something about that so that it's not a deterrent to mass production.

Image quality and screen glare are the other major concerns and we will have to wait and see how Huawei fares in this regard.

Xiaomi and OPPO have already demoed their under panel cameras and the Chinese company Visionox is ready to commercialize the tech. ZTE is all set to announce the world's first phone with an under-display selfie camera on 1st September.
So, when can we expect a Huawei phone with on-display fingerprint reader and camera? Well, the company isn't so sure at the moment, but it expects the tech to come to the market in a year or two.

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