Huawei P40 Pro contains US parts despite US’ trade ban

Huawei P40 Pro contains US parts despite US’ trade ban
As we are all well aware, last year, the US government listed Huawei in a trade blacklist, over allegations of espionage, therefore blocking American companies from working with it. Unfortunately, this means that new Huawei phones are coming without Google Play or any other Google apps. Additionally, no US hardware is allowed either, without an approval from the American government.

Last week, Huawei released its new flagship phones, the P40 series, and now, The Financial Times had the opportunity to tear down the baddest smartphone of the series, the Huawei P40 Pro, and to examine its internal parts.

Surprisingly, the smartphone somehow ended up having a couple of parts made by US companies. The parts in question are related to a chip with an antenna for radio frequency, more precisely, the Radio Frequency Front-end Module, responsible mainly for Wi-Fi connections. According to The Financial Times’ photo down below, the aforementioned module contains parts from three American firms - Qualcomm, Skyworks and Qorvo.

Huawei does have a licence to work with Qualcomm, but whether it has it for the other two companies is not clear at the moment.

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