How to use Spotify with the Apple HomePod using an iPhone

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Apple's HomePod has been readily available for over the past couple of weeks, catapulting the company into new territory in the home-connected speaker market. While the HomePod has astounded many for its incredible audio performance and spatial calibration, others have been soured by its lack of full support for music services other than those from Apple's stable. Given that it's competing in the same league as the Google Home and Amazon Echo smart speakers, you'd think that Apple would've been a bit more accommodating – more so when playing music is one of its core functions.

Therefore, if you're not using heavily invested into Apple's ecosystem, you'll be in for a rude awakening trying to play music from other sources – like Spotify for example. It's become one of the most popular music streaming services out there, easily eclipsing Apple Music by a wide margin. However, when it comes to accessing Spotify through the Apple HomePod, you don't get the same level of convenience by speaking to the speaker and telling it what to do. Rather, you'll have to go through an alternative way of accessing your favorite songs from Spotify.

Don't fret, just because in this short how-to guide, we'll lay down the tracks that'll get your brand spanking new HomePod kicking out some of those tunes from Spotify. There are two methods of streaming Spotify songs to the HomePod, so we've listed them below separately.

Better yet, the methods below also apply to other music services – such as Google Play Music, Pandora, and Amazon Music. Of course, they all leverage AirPlay in order to work, but at least it's something until the HomePod receives full integration at some point. We're hoping that happens sooner than later, just because support will undoubtedly help to potentially lure consumers who have held out from making the purchase.

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