How to stop, mute and completely disable notifications from a particular app on Apple iPhone (iOS 9 tutorial)

Having a smartphone can feel like a bless as you get that instant connection to the big wide world in your pocket, but sometimes that feeling gets overwhelming. When suddenly your Twitter explodes with beeping notifications, or you have some other apps bustling with notifications, that constant nagging feeling to check your phone and that constant distraction can be too much.

So how do you stop, mute and disable notifications from a particularly abusive app on the iPhone?

Apple has recognized this issue and you can easily control notifications on a per app basis in the settings menu, and we walk you through the process of completely disabling and stopping notifications from an app. Follow the few easy steps right below to deal with annoying notifications.



1. zeeBomb

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2. Lycan155

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Thanks phonearena i really appreciate these tips and tutorials

3. darkkjedii

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Notifications in iOS has become quite good. Lots to like about it.

4. Hexa-core

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But nowhere near Android, of course!

5. ysk79

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Different Volume level for each app would be nice addition

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