How to Synch Your JAM or MicroSoft Bluetooth Stack via Bluetooth

There has been a lot of interest in how to synch your JAM or Microsoft Bluetooth Stack enabled Pocket PC with your Bluetooth enabled computer. Here is a tutorial how to do this in three easy steps. What you need:

  • A computer which is Bluetooth enabled, via either a USB Bluetooth transmitter, hub, or on-board radio. I have a TDK USB transmitter for my laptop and a LogitechDiNovoBluetoothMediaCenter for my Desktop. Both use a Widcomm stack for the bluetooth radio and work extremely well. I try to avoid the MicroSoft stack that comes bundled with the new Service Pack 2 that MicroSoft is currently embedding in its OS.
  • A copy of ActiveSync from MicroSoft. The current version is 3.8 and can be downloaded here:
  • A copy of Pocket Bluetooth Tools, installed on your JAM or MicroSoft Bluetooth Stack Pocket PC. Download the version of your choice here. I prefer the 1.0 version for the headset performance.
  • A Pocket PC with the MicroSoft Bluetooth Stack such as the new JAM or iMate Pocket PC, etc.


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