How often do you change your phone?

How often do you change your phone?
You know what? We've been wondering how often does the average PhoneArena reader change their phone. With all of these cool smartphones being released every month, sticking with a specific model for a long time seems a really hard thing to achieve. Then again, we're all tied to our contracts, so it's a safe bet to say that most are switching to a new handset every two years. However, it's also possible that a big number of users just can't wait for their contracts to expire and decide to lay some cold, hard cash to get a new phone a bit earlier. Finally, who says one can't purchase all of their phones unlocked? Shouldn't be a problem, as long as one has the... resources to do so. Anyway, let's see how PhoneArena readers behave when it comes to changing their phones!

How often do you change your phone?

Less than a year
Every year
Every two years
More than two years


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