Homebrew hack brings NoDo update to every single WP7 smartphone

Homebrew hack brings NoDo update to every single WP7 smartphone
Little by little, the NoDo update for Windows Phone 7 smartphones is already rolling out bringing a number of significant improvements to Microsoft's mobile platform. What has been slowing the update process, however, is the fact that some carrier-locked devices are still not allowed to download NoDo. Some carriers have yet to make the update available for download over the air, which may take days or even weeks. Chris Walsh, an experienced WP7 hacker, was quite unhappy with the limitation, which is why he decided to come up with a solution to the restriction.

Thanks to Chris' hacking skills, a way of installing NoDo on any device running Windows Phone 7 already exists on the web and lets everybody who is brave enough to try it themselves at their own risk. In fact, his tool is said to allow flashing a device to any version of WP7, as long as it has been publicly released by Microsoft. As with all homebrew hacks, there is always the risk of bricking a device and voiding your warranty so it is highly advisable to backup your data and try the hack only if you know what you are doing.

Link to Chris' updating tool here

source: Neowin.net



1. som

Posts: 768; Member since: Nov 10, 2009

No more Windows phone for me forever.

2. .org unregistered

pretty sick...works on my LG Quantum C900

3. jtech unregistered

Its a good os it could and might be right behind Android in a few years, but the thing that sucks is that the phone companies lock down the phones so they can't receive OTA updates which isn't fair for those who have a wp7 device but don't have access to the internet to download the upgrade (like myself) If that wasn't the case I'm sure we might have gotten the update along time ago but that's just my opinion

4. .org unregistered

xda brother :)

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