Hikers are rescued thanks to the aid of their cell phones

Hikers are rescued thanks to the aid of their cell phones
In yet another reason why your cell phone can be considered your best friend, two hikers who got lost in California's Annadel State Park gave credit and praise to their cell phones for getting them rescued.

Knowing that nightfall was quickly fast approaching, the two called 911 for aid because they were lost and were unsure about their positions – eventually, a helicopter was called onto the scene to track down the missing hikers. Unfortunately, they didn't know the exact position of the two hikers, but thanks to some quick thinking by the lost pair, they were eventually rescued.

Specifically, the hikers decided to shine their cell phones toward the approaching helicopter and were quickly spotted because of the night vision goggles that were used by the rescuers for their search. Even with the dense amount of wooded areas, something like the light from a cell phone can instantly stand out while using night vision goggles. Good thing they had their phones on them because they could've been overlooked by the rescuers – thus spending one cold night at the park.

source: UPI via Textually



1. ribbonsalmark

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Celestial Being Command Center 2.0 will feature live position broad casts to local police.

3. momo22222 unregistered

Maybe they had an Evo and the battery died mid afternoon.

6. sarahpockets unregistered


4. messiah

Posts: 438; Member since: Feb 19, 2010

The hikers didn't know where they er while they sported cell phones? Who gets phones these days without gps?

5. protozeloz

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mobile gps is not that accurate under piles of snow, trees and many variants, so any visual could be a great idea

7. LionStone

Posts: 1048; Member since: Dec 10, 2010

I'll bet after they get the bill for their blatant misuse of an emergency hotline to pay for the rescue costs, they WILL learn how to use the map on their phone!! "...but thanks to some quick thinking by the lost pair..." WTF!...If they had half a brain to begin with, they wouldn't have needed a rescue.

8. Dianne Smith unregistered

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