Here is a nifty and functional wireless charging case for the iPhone

Here is a nifty and functional wireless charging case for the iPhone
One thing that would be nice to have with wireless charging is data connectivity, and this idea makes that happen with E-Fusion: The Best Wireless Charger for iPhone.

The E-Fusion is not your typical inductive charging phone case though. Yes, it uses a magnet to keep your device (in this E-Fusion case) mounted, and that is also how it takes a charge, but it does not use and inductive coil to simply (and slowly) charge the battery.

Instead, the E-Fusion case is plugged into the phone, so you can also connect a dock to your computer and have data connectivity to synchronize photos or whatever. For those that are wondering, “what about my phone?” The designers of E-Fusion have a hardware developer’s kit available so that case manufacturers can build cases for other devices and that way, you can keep using the same dock.

The promo video shows a product ready to go. What do they need? Well, iPhone (4/4S/5) owners of course. The product is ready to ramp up with enough support through Indiegogo. Early birds can get in for $45 which includes shipping in the US. They will ship internationally too. Check out the photos and video and if you are interested, click on the source link below.

source: E-Fusion (Indiegogo)


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