Have Van Gogh draw your portrait: Google launches Art Filters

Have Van Gogh draw your portrait: Google launches #ArtFilters
In the age of Snapchat, the Google Art & Culture app received a trendy update—AR selfie filters themed to famous pieces of art.

Released just today, the accompanying blog post explains Google’s intentions to provide a way to virtually enjoy the artwork in a time when in-person museum visits aren’t possible. The feature will also help viewers immerse themselves into the creative visions of various historical eras and learn about the context of many renowned works.

Central to the collection is the legendary self-portrait of Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh, one of the most influential paintings of Post-Impressionism. The filter proffers a short description of the painting and its background before allowing you to see yourself drawn into the painting’s blue-yellow colors and iconic brushwork. 

The digital magic itself works about as well as you’d expect. The 3D processing supports a wide range of angles, though it can be tricky to align your head with the rest of the portrait. The filter is drastically transformative, to say the least, but the effect is impressively realistic.

Other filters in the collection include Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring (which gives you a chance to mimic that inscrutable gaze), an ancient Samurai helmet, and an ornate Egyptian necklace from three millennia ago.

The feature arrives around two years after Google also released the popular Art Selfie, which matched your photo to a database of portraits from around the world. In line with the company’s AI principles, the Arts & Culture app processes this filter’s AR tech locally, meaning your data isn’t sent to or stored on any off-device servers.

Have you tried any of the new filters?
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