Hands-on with Verizon's Glyde and Curve

Hands-on with Verizon's Glyde and Curve
Two of this year’s most highly anticipated Verizon devices were released this week, the Samsung Glyde and BlackBerry Curve.

The Glyde is a unique device, which offers a 2.8” WQVGA capacitive sensitive touchscreen, slide-out QWERTY keypad, 2MP autofocus camera with flash, HTML browser, Bluetooth, and microSD card slot. It is no surprise that the Glyde is Samsung’s competition to the LG Voyager, and is cousin to their F700, but offers slightly different features and user interface. It is targeted to consumers who are looking for a fashionable touchscreen device that is slightly smaller than the Voyager without losing valuable features.

The Curve is the latest Blackberry to come to Verizon. It has a larger QWERTY keypad than the Pearl, but lacks the GSM roaming capabilities of the 8830. It features a 2.5" QVGA display with LED backlight, full HTML browser and E-Mail capabilities, 2MP camera with flash, Bluetooth, VZ Navigator, and microSD cards slot. Unfortunately, data only supports EVDO Rev 0 and is not upgradeable to the faster Rev A.

Two-year contract pricing of the Glyde is currently set at $249 after $50 rebate, with Curve being $170 after $50 rebate and $100 data-plan discount. From 5/9 to 5/12 the Glyde is $199 during the Red Hot Deal Days sale. After that, it will go back to the normal price of $249.

Does the Glyde hold-up to months of hype and give the Voyager a run for its money? Is the Curve the best Blackberry for Verizon? Check back soon for our full review of both devices and find out!



1. unregistered

glyde is boring. i have it

16. unregistered

the phone is not a play thing. i have it also and for what it was intended it does its job pretty well i think. people were expecting too much, like it was going to be a smart phone without being a smart phone. i'm a text message newbie and i love it. no problem what so ever with the keyboard. touching the wrong key? tell me a person that types a million words per min and doesn't touch the wrong key sometimes, those complaining about the phone should know that is a phone not a playhing, like you think it is! Buy yourself a pacifier!

24. lordvadert49

Posts: 5; Member since: Apr 30, 2008

no.26 you must be 3 years old (your fingers must be small) because everyone is complaining about the keyboard being too small. cramped. i had it. and i hated it. look at the reviews. its horrible. i got the enV2

25. unregistered

the env(2) is the ugliest phone i have seen in a long time.

26. Esquire0399

Posts: 53; Member since: Apr 09, 2008

Not a single review said it was horrible, because it's not. Sure, it didn't meet many people's expectations, but that's because for whatever reason people were expecting the second coming of the iPhone (idiots). People need to realize that the Glyde is essentially identical to every other VZW dumbphone in a cooler package with a touchscreen, and nothing more. That's all I expected it to be and for that reason I was not let down when I got it in the least. And I must say that I'm very happy with it. People just need to realize what that when it comes to VZW, there is only so much that will change from phone to phone because regardless of what hpone you have, the UI will ALWAYS be the same, albeit with different themes depending on the phone (at least as far as dumbphones go).

2. unregistered

I don't know for sure, because I went to the VZW store, and it wasn't out yet, but the Glyde looks okay. It deffinitely won't be better than the Voyager, and the upcoming Dare. I hope the Dare has mobile TV and internet like the Voyager. I can't wait till it comes out. Oh, and which do you think will be better: LG Dare, Samsung Glyde, or LG Voyager?

3. unregistered

From what I hear, the Glyde will be $249.00 with a $50 MIR. But I was told by a friend who works there that it is only the "introductory" price and it will go by $50 maybe a month or two from now. I really hope that doesn't happen but who knows?

4. DeeMan unregistered

Whatever happened to the HTC Iris? That has been on PhoneArena since December as an upcoming phone for Verizon? Where is it?

5. unregistered

to all you people who are big into phones which one is worth the money, the voyager or the glyde.

6. unregistered


8. unregistered

I have had the glyde all of only two days now, but I like it. People who say it is boring, I'm not sure what they expect out of a phone? My only real beef with it is the bar at the bottom of the screen when browsing the web. I should be able to do something like press the camera key to make it go away when reading... They really need to fix that because the screen is too small to waste space. Other than that though its great. I have found it to be quick and responsive. I have had a few accidental touches on it (accidentally calling people). I would like to disable the touch screen unlock. I have accidently unlocked a few times too... I may just need to turn down the sensitivity, but apples touch screen unlock is less prone to accidental touches... The gps navigationis great. It is very handy and have actually found businesses close to where I live that I didn't know were there. I guess in the end it has its flaws, its not all seemless, but overall pretty decent in my opinion.

11. unregistered


14. XxTNTxX

Posts: 12; Member since: May 12, 2008

I own a Voyger & love it!! Haven't tried a Glyde yet tho..

7. unregistered

The only reason that it's $199 this weekend is because it's ON SALE. http://estore.vzwshop.com/rhdd/ After that, it will go back to $249.

9. unregistered

When it slides open it unlocks automatically... So when its in my pocket and slides open it starts doing things I really do no intend it to do... It should stay locked even if it slides open....

10. unregistered


12. unregistered

it seems like the locking issues and the browser issues should be simple software fixes... Is it likely that these will be fixed or will they just abandon it? Considering how long it took to release this phone you think they would have worked these issues out. If they value their customers they will fix these problems...

13. unregistered

Glyde is only 199 after MIR...I work for VZW

17. unregistered

it slides open in your pocket? what are you playing football with it in you pocket to open accidentally? very strange!

22. unregistered

I work in an office.. occasional standing and sitting.. I'm not sure if my pockets are too tight or too loosebut it opens.. or at least opens enough to unlock it... I have definately had it open in my pocket, but it could easily also be the hard lock button as it protrudes a bit... I make it a point to be more carefull but it still unlocks occasionally... I love the phone and these are small issues... I think it is better than the voyager for sure...

15. price update unregistered

$199 on a deal, $249 otherwise

18. DJ C

Posts: 8; Member since: May 07, 2008

For those that have this phone can you multi-task with the music cuz i want to get this phone but if it cant idk cuz im getting bad reviews n if it can do dat den i would for sure get dis fone.

23. unregistered

No. Only the Chocolate and Venus can do that.

19. jrappy87 unregistered

the voyager i would say is better, if your a huge texter it has the number keys built in. it has 4 rows of keys not 3 and there is send, end and navigation keys on the key board, which is better. the voyager doesnt have a flash, but hello its a little light flashes only work at the most 6 feet away. i think the voyager's screen is wider which makes it easier to use the web. how are the speakers? the voyager has awsome speakers.

20. jrappy87 unregistered

oh and there is no multi tasking on the voyager, but we are wating for a future firmware update which will hopefully include multitasking

21. unregistered

glyde doesnt work with windows vista for downloading music with the usb wire and included software! Verizon and samsung have no answers

27. THUFF unregistered


28. unregistered

this phone would be awesome if the screen wasnt so glitchy. everyone is having trouble with the terrible response

29. unregistered

dare will b betta. the glyde sux. u have 2 press the button 50 million times. GAY

30. m17 unregistered

im tryin 2 figure out which phone 2 get the glyde or the blackberry curve

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