HTC design enthusiast envisions the Samsung Galaxy S7 as the One M9's rich cousin

HTC design enthusiast envisions the Samsung Galaxy S7 as the One M9's rich cousin
The Samsung Galaxy S6 has barely begun landing in its lucky owners' hands, but its ancestor is already entertaining designers' imagination. Hasan Kaymak, who has a profound soft spot for HTC smartphone concepts, too turned his attention towards Samsung's 2016 blockbuster. He came up with a unique set of renders, in which the Galaxy S7's premium design is elevated to HTC's "jewelry-grade" quality! The Galaxy S7 loses the glass and doubles on the polished aluminum, the end result being a gorgeous metal unibody design that's finished off with a glamorous white & gray pattern. The concept also sees the addition of two front-facing speakers.

For those who find the gold color and shiny pattern arrangement a tad on the tacky side, Hasan made a more conservative all-black version as well. It looks like a winning candidate for being Batman's next smartphone. Just look at that black dotted pattern - it looks like kevlar armor, while the smartphone itself belongs to the Batmobile's dashboard.

Although these concepts probably won't materialize - due to their build complexity, among other reasons - they are nevertheless entertaining and feature some great ideas. The all-metal unibody build is certainly a viable way of improving the Galaxy S6's design even further.

source: Concept Phones


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