HTC Smart2 is already in development and will pack Wi-Fi & Office Suite?

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HTC Smart2 is already in development and will pack Wi-Fi & Office Suite?

It would only be likely that HTC wouldcommission a successor to the ultra-affordable HTC Smart handset ifsales for it have proven to be sufficient to warrant the move. TheBrew-based handset's most notable feature is undoubtedly itsinexpensive cost to own, but HTC already is looking to follow it upwith the HTC Smart2 according to some new information. From what'sheard, the HTC Smart2 is “more or less similar” to the original,but it will pack on some new features to offer some additional valuefor the handset – such as the inclusion of Wi-Fi and Office Suiteto allow users to edit documents on the go. Following the same pathas the original, it's cost for ownership is rumored to be nothing more than10,000 INR in India – which should clearly add to its appeal.Needless to say that HTC will refine the handset while maintainingthat affordable cost for ownership, but there was no mention of anyexpected release date.

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