HTC Shift available with Rogers

HTC Shift available with Rogers
Rogers announced the availability of the HTC Shift X9501 for its network. It is now available for purchase with a price of $1600 on a 3-year contract with minimum $50 Flex Data Rate plan.

HTC Shift is a UMPC, running a fully featured Windows Vista Business edition, and so it offers the functionality of a computer, but at weight of only 1.8 pounds. It employs the SnapVUE technology, which allows the user to load a basic operating system, to check emails, messages, and contacts without the need to boot the heavier Windows system, thus helping to improve the battery life. Shift features a 7” touch sensitive screen, 40 GB of storage, a full QWERTY keyboard and a touch pad. As it has a quad-band GSM and tri-band HSDPA receiver, it can work worldwide, but keep in mind that the GSM/3G connection is used for data only. However, do not expect the Shift to replace your phone, since it cannot function as such.

source: Rogers



1. unregistered

Awesome machine, but why the hell is it not a phone at the same time......companies really have to start rolling out with all in one devices finger print reader though

2. unregistered

w0owowow huge apple iphone shift umpc looks great, go apple since apple is the best!

3. Simdes unregistered

Go team retard!

4. unregistered

You mean the team that you're a part of?

5. Simdes unregistered

No, I mean the team your mother pleases every morning.

6. JoeyStyles

Posts: 78; Member since: May 11, 2008

This phone is Hot but why in the hell is it 1600 with a 3yr and why in the hell is it also not a phone I don't get it

7. D to the G unregistered

can i be apart of the team retard i want some mom to plez me

8. some guy unregistered

3yr contract? i could buy a lightweight actual laptop and an aircard for less and have more functionality...seems pointless to me but cool nonetheless

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