HP is offering a $50 savings off the 32GB TouchPad to early adopters of webOS

HP is offering a $50 savings off the 32GB TouchPad to early adopters of webOS
When webOS initially came onto the scene, its future in the industry was unclear, but nonetheless, there were plenty of early adopters that decided to take the plunge with the new platform. However, those same exact early adopters might have been shocked when HP announced that certain legacy devices wouldn’t be able to upgrade to webOS 2.x and up.

Fortunately though, HP has something in store for those early adopters of webOS seeing that they are offering a $50 savings off the purchase of a new 32GB model of the HP TouchPad. Actually, that $50 savings is in the form of a mail-in-rebate, which requires you to send in a few different documents to receive it.

One of our readers sent us an email they received regarding the promotion, and after looking into it, you’ll need to send in the serial number of your eligible legacy webOS device, receipt from your 32GB TouchPad purchase, and the UPC code from the TouchPad packaging. And if you’re curious about the eligible legacy devices, they include the Palm Pre, Pre Plus, Pixi, and Pixi Plus. Once you manage to secure all of that, you’re probably going to send them in for processing – albeit, those instructions have yet to come through.

Still, that’s definitely a nice gesture from HP considering that those early adopters took a gamble with the platform. Well, if you didn’t pick up a legacy device, you might want to befriend someone who did to receive that awesome $50 savings off the upcoming TouchPad.

Thanks John!

source: Palm (1 & 2)

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