Google is testing a cool new YouTube feature on Android

Google is testing a cool new YouTube feature on Android
YouTube is a lively hub of activity featuring a vast range of content, which often includes collaborations between prominent creators. Google just announced a new feature for YouTube on Android, which could make it easier to find more creators and content you’ll enjoy.

As 9to5Google reported, the internet giant quietly started a test for a section in the interface called ‘featured in this video’. This feature will generate links to the page of each creator that appears in the video- seemingly on its own, without manual intervention.

Google says vaguely that the links will be based on “a range of signals”, which will likely include powerful algorithms akin to the ones that power YouTube recommendations.

This feature should make things much easier for creators, who’ll no longer need to manage such links in the description box, while viewers will more easily discover channels they may be interested in.

To be clear, the feature is still very much in the testing phase, with only a select group of channels eligible for testing. It will also only appear on a “small percentage” of Android users’ devices.

Once Google has gathered feedback and refined the feature, it will probably pop up in a future update. In the meantime, check out all the details about the feature from YouTube.

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