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Google announces it will retire Latitude on August 9th

Posted: , by Michael H.

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Google announces it will retire Latitude on August 9th
Today has finally seen the release of the overhauled Google Maps, and a smaller news note that was hidden in that announcement is that Google Latitude will be retired on August 9th. Latitude has been Google's location sharing service, although it has never been a very popular option compared to services like Foursquare and Facebook. But more importantly, Latitude has been somewhat eclipsed by Google+ which has its own location sharing service, and one that gets far more use than Latitude. 

Latitude had always been a strange product. It is baked-in to Google Maps, and had a fairly good feature set, allowing for automatic tracking of location, and check-in prompts or automatic check-ins at locations you set. The problem was always that very few people used it. So, if you're looking for it in the newest Maps update for Android, you won't find it. The standalone app for iOS will be removed from the store, and the Latitude API will be retired, meaning 3rd-party apps that use it will cease to work, unless they switch to Google+ location sharing. 

Of course, just because Latitude is going away doesn't mean Google is abandoning the location sharing game. The features of Latitude are going to be split between the Android system and Google+. For example, the location reporting option in Android will remain, but it will share through Google+ rather than Latitude, and you will have to turn the feature on again, Google will not assume you want in to G+ sharing just because you were on Latitude. And, check-ins will be found in Google+ rather than Google Maps. 

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posted on 10 Jul 2013, 11:49

1. buccob (Posts: 2699; Member since: 19 Jun 2012)

So many good apps with potential being "retired" killed just to force those options into google+...

I get it that you don't have to if you don't want to... but google is trying very hard to get people to use G+...

You need G+ for hangouts, for location, for wallet, for drive, for...

It is good to integrate their once divided set of features... but google+ need better marketing and better way to lure people in... it is not enough to force people to use other features by integrating them to G+... they HAVE to make people use Google+ by itself...

I really want to like G+ but it just came too late... and the only use I give to it is to have the other services running....

posted on 10 Jul 2013, 12:19 3

2. mobigeek (Posts: 11; Member since: 10 Jul 2013)

G+ is too distorted . They should have made it simple as fb

posted on 10 Jul 2013, 21:55

3. MyJobSux (Posts: 106; Member since: 01 Apr 2012)

Its getting to the place where any utility of the internet requires you to interact socialy or at least posture yourself to interact socially on a grand scale, ie the internet. You cant just be anonymouse anymore, you have to drink the coolaid like everyone else...lame...

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