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Google Voice Actions introduced for Android 2.2

Google Voice Actions for Android introduced
Today, Google has reduced the need to type on any Android handset running OS 2.2 or higher with the introduction of Google Voice Actions for Android. Instead of typing out that text you need to send, you can simply use your voice to compose the message and send it on its way. Using Voice Actions such as "Navigate to..." or "Go to...", you will be able to vocalize search requests, ask for specific songs to be played and even request certain web pages like the New York Times. The Google search widget has been updated to include this new feature and a list of the Voice Actions can be found at the sourcelink.

Google Voice Actions and the new widget are pre-installed on the Motorola DROID 2, which launches today. If you are using another Android model running 2.2, you will need to update Voice Search, the Google Search Widget any any music apps that you use (Pandora, mSpot or for example). Or, you can click on this link and scan the QR code to get you on the way to replacing much of your typing with talking.

source: VoiceActions via GoogleMobileBlog
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