Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, and Xbox Video will have all the Star Wars movies on April 10

Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, and Xbox Video will have all the Star Wars movies on April 10
Next month will mark 38 years since Star Wars first hit the theaters and become ground zero to a veritable social movement that continues to this day.

It has been no secret that George Lucas has maintained a tremendous amount of control over the brand and marketing over the Star Wars franchise, with more than a couple rehashes of the original three releases.

Just when it looked like we were going to be relegated to a future of DVDs in a world that is increasingly becoming one giant digital file, Disney went and bough Lucasfilm for a big pile of money and almost immediately announced that Lucas’ legacy would find a digital life, and that the story would continue with what is currently titled Star Wars: The Force Awakens, set 30 years after where episode VI, Return of the Jedi left off.

The Force Awakens is slated to make its theatrical release in December. That give us plenty of time to binge-watch the first six movies several times over. From the looks of things, all the digital markets will be offering all six movies beginning April 10th, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Xbox Video, and whoever else retails digital content (such as Vudu).

For the purists, be ready to be disappointed, the episodes that will be sold are the “Special Edition” releases. That means the newer special effects are in play, and other nuances that bring episodes 4, 5, and 6 into a bit more linear consistency with episodes 1, 2, and 3. So that also includes altered scenes (like Han Solo not shooting first) that unceremoniously rewrite fictional history (after all, it happened a long time ago).

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Jar-jar Binks aside, the collection has a number of bonus materials included with each movie, such as never before seen features, and other insights. Each movie is available now for pre-order at $19.99 each. Xbox Video, Amazon, and Google Play offer the option to pre-order the whole collection, but the latter two give you a $10 discount ($89.99 instead of $99.99).

Whether you watch on your iPhone, iPad, Surface, Fire HD, or on the Droid you were looking for, the question that really remains is, what order are you going to watch the movies?

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