Google Play expected to hit 1 million apps by June

Google Play expected to hit 1 million apps by June
The Google Play Store grows really really fast. There's no reason to try to pretty it up at all, because it's a simple truth: the Play Store keeps growing, and growing at a rate that most expected to be unsustainable. It's quite amazing really. It took about 2 years from the launch of the Android Market for Google to pull together 100,000 apps, and new predictions say that about 2.5 years after hitting that milestone, the rebranded Play Store is expected to hit 1 million apps by June.

The numbers come from The Sociable, which is also kind enough to run down how the Play Store got where it is. Apparently, back when it was called the Android Market, it gathered just 16,000 apps in its first year (December 2009). As we mentioned, that number ballooned to 100,000 the year after that (October 2010). Just two years after that, we got the last official numbers the Play Store of 700,000 apps as of October 2012. 

The Sociable goes on to predict that there are currently 800,000 apps in the Play Store, which will rise to 900,000 by April, and then hit the big 1 million around June of 2013. And, since the Play Store has been growing faster than the iTunes App Store for a while now, it can be assumed that Google will hit the 1 million app mark before Apple does.


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