Google Now for iOS hands-on

Google Now for iOS hands-on
At times, the relationship can be rocky, but nevertheless, the two always somehow come together and work on things for the greater good of users. Being the two biggest powerhouses in the mobile industry, we’ve seen Apple and Google take on each other in a bid to claim the throne. Fortunately, iOS users can sleep happy knowing that Google Now has finally made its way over to Apple’s mobile platform.

Rather than being a separate app, the Google Now feature has been incorporated into the Google Search Mobile app for iOS. For iPhone users all around, this is surely a new venture for them, as Google Now has shown its worth over on Android. Just like its counterpart, the iOS version of Google Now retains the same presentation and functionality – albeit, there are some things missing. For starters, there’s no support for push notification, which means that we’re left to constantly running the app to see new updates. Furthermore, it’s missing cards for things like local events and airline boarding passes.

Regardless of that, it’s just wonderful to know that Google Now is smart enough to track and manage our content and habits. From being able to provide us a relevant timetable of how long it’ll take for us to get from work to home, to other things like telling us the local weather, it’s almost uncanny how Google Now is capable of knowing what we’re doing, our location, and even the time of day. Heck, some people might even ditch Siri in favor of Google Now, but since it’s lacking those handy-dandy push notifications, maybe they’ll stick with Apple’s offering for now. If you haven’t checked it out for your iOS device, just click the source link below to jump right into the download.

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