Google Mobile App for iPhone – now with voice search

Google Mobile App for iPhone – now with voice search
The new version of Google Mobile App was expected to be released last Friday but because of an unknown reason it had a little delay, and was released yesterday.

The application has been available in ‘App Store’ since August 28, 2008 and as its name suggests – it gives quick access to the famous search engine. The updated version has new appearance and additional feature – voice search. Whenever you like to use this search option, you pronounce keywords or phrases, the phone records your voice and send it to a processing server. In just a few seconds, you see the results on the screen. It sounds really nice and convenient, especially if you do not feel like using the on-screen keyboard.

And, indeed, it is. During our tests we firstly tried some single words, for example “Obama”. Through Wi-Fi, the exact results came after 4-5 seconds. Our next test included more complicated phrases like “night pictures of Tower Bridge” and again we got the right results. All in all, we are satisfied with the new feature because it works well and saves time. If you are still wondering how it looks like – watch the video demonstration.

source: Gizmodo and TechCrunch



1. unregistered

LAME this site rides i phone... like they are the only one with these apps. Verizon has apps on their handsets released every week, but get no attention for it. Sprint releases amazing features for their phones all the time as attention. But Apple puts another PLAYED OUT APP and this site rides it... This site is lame. I will join the rest now and never return here again. Nothing useful on here anymore, just crap about apple, and apple sux.

2. unregistered

i hear you!

9. DeeBee unregistered

Hello, HATER

24. unregistered

Yet you're the first person to post a comment. Why is that? You came here just to post that comment. It just shows how obsessed you are with hating the iphone. and look at all the articles. There is only one iphone article. You might not like reading articles about the iphone, but I do. I actually read all the articles of phones even if they have nothing to do with the iphone. I've followed all the many blackberry, htc, and windows mobile phones in general and you don't see me complaining about phonearena writing too much on windows mobile / blackberry.

30. unregistered

He hates it cuz he cant have it. Hes stuck with sprint and the loosing customers now network. Maybe when #1s parents change carrier, he just might be allowed to get one.

31. unregistered

amen, you are correct people should just enjoy the knowledge and not hate so much.

3. unregistered

Vlingo is better

12. unregistered

HOLY CRAP! Vlingo is cool!

4. Midnight unregistered

1 has a point. why dont you ever talk about new apps from sprint/verizon/tmobile or hell even att on other phones? its always just the iPhone

7. unregistered

cause noone cares bout them

21. unregistered

what makes you think we care about iPhone apps. i dont even have ATT. so maybe you should speak for yourself

25. unregistered

A lot of people on here care about it. And obviously you do because you're in this thread right now aren't you? Come on now, use your head.

5. unregistered

soooo why doesn't GOOGLE'S phone have this feature now?? kinda stupid that the g1 doesn't...

8. unregistered

The G1 does have that feature

6. unregistered

this website features updated news all day long. if something comes up from iphone, of course they're gonna talk about it. TO ALL U IPHONE HATERS!!!

10. unregistered

thats not the point i dont mind hearing about the iphone but i don't want to hear nothing but about the iphone. i agree that they need to talk about apps from other carriers. You can only take so much of one phone before you just burnt out. Hmm its almost like they are just advertising it.

11. E-Dubb unregistered

I just love my I-Phone. It does everything! Hello to my I-family

13. unregistered

it seems like when a new phone comes out, phonearena will talk about it... then after it launches at gets reviewed, it sits on a shelf, collecting dust... the only phone they ever go back to is the iphone... ocassionally will they pull the blackberry or lately, the g1, off the shelf... talk about being an arena... bring those phones out of the closet!!!

15. unregistered

What exciting has happened to the G1 or any other phone that they should be talking about?

26. unregistered

Whether you like it or not, think it sucks or not, a whole bunch of people still think the iphone is really really cool even though it came out almost 4 months ago. The Dare and the Instinct came out around the same time as the iphone but they were not as big. I'm still in high school but many people still say how bad they want the iphone.

14. unregistered

yeah does everything, inclduing dropping your phone calls, lasting 3 hours off the charger, being locked down by apple and not getting 3g coverage in more than half of america.

27. unregistered

blah blah blah, I'm tired of hearing that. Personally, I've only gotten dropped calls in only one area in the last few months. When I had the VoyagerI hardly got any signal in the same place (although I did get signal more frequently than my iphone). The difference between AT&T and Verizon is noticeable but not prominent. It's not that big of a deal people!! The charge sucks, but it lasts a whole lot longer than 3 hours of the charger (stop with the exaggeration #14), and I don't see how being "locked down by apple" affects the awesomeness of the iphone. A lot of people bought the phone with the knowledge of Apple's control over the phone.

16. unregistered

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO................. # 11! U WIT ME?

17. unregistered

who give a SHIT about verBLOWzon with the FAKE NIKE check on it. Iphone 4 LIFE. U DIG?

22. unregistered

wow you must be from the bay area...intelligence is endangered there.

28. unregistered

Not funny sorry. He was smart enough to buy an iphone though.

18. unregistered

Every one is bias to their own carriers. I have att cuz Verizon sucks where I live. Sprint and T-mobile ain't worth mentioning.Just so people know, T-mobile is German owned and Blackberry is Canadian owned, buy American so you don't cry about not having a job.All you who hate the iphone, probably didn't get signal where you live,no carrier has the state blanketed with signal. Thats why you mad! Cant have it so you hate it. If your mad about the battery, maybe you should be doing something else other than spending 3 hours straight on the phone. Get a life and quit crying, all bitter cuz the phone YOU, REALLY WANT is not a 100% to your liking.Its good enough to be bought by millions and hated by you.

29. unregistered

that true. Stop complaining about the iphone guys. I know when the iphone comes to Verizon, thousands of people will buy it. you guys are just hating. And the reason why I know this is because I use to hate too. I wondered why everyone made a big deal over the iphone and I bought the voyager because it was an iphone killer. But when my mom became annoyed with strange charges on our bill and said that we were moving to AT&T, the first phone that I said (or screamed) was the iphone.

19. unregistered

Whoa, did that just click,wow. Lame ass verizon commercial. ( phone is cool, commercial is sooooo stuuuupid.)

23. unregistered

its a commercial ...not a shakespear.

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