Google Arts & Culture is a mind-blowing archive of world art

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You probably have a thousand excuses not to go to the museum, but with the new Google Arts & Culture app - a free download on the Google Play Store - it literally takes just a couple of clicks to get access to what is probably the most comprehensive archive of the world's artistic efforts on a mobile device.

With a brilliant simple interface and an immense collection of art pieces, the Google Arts & Culture application gently guides you through various times and schools in painting and architecture and allows you to take a detailed deep look at what's in some of the world's best museums.

The application has separate sections for mediums - from paint to paper, watercolors, textile, metal architecture, clay works, engravings, gold and wood items, bronze and terracotta, it is all about exploration, discovery, but also inspiration.

If you like a particular artist, you also have a separate artists section, or you can explore historical events, places and historical figures. Heck, you can even save content for offline viewing.

This app is an absolute must for art lovers, but even for those who have never been infatuated with the world of art, it will be a download they won't regret. We recommend using this on a tablet or a larger screen for best experience.

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