Get a Lightroom! Adobe's LR Mobile for iPad goes live

Adobe has brought a mobile version of Lightroom to the iPad. Basically, it's Lightroom PC with a touch-friendly UI. The app is free to download and has a 30-day trial, but then it's Adobe Creative Cloud subscription time. Thus, everything you do gets saved in the cloud and syncs to all your devices. This goes both ways - if you edit photos on your PC or Mac, the changes will be pushed to the iPad app as well.

Prospective iPad Lightroomers might be wondering how the tablet handles those memory-consuming RAW images. The answer is Smart Previews - instead of raining megabytes, the cloud sensibly transmits Smart Previews - up to 2560 pixels by width approximations of the raw image that weigh in at 1-2 megabytes. You make your edits on those, while the untouched versions remain online or on your desktop, and the changes are synced to them. Of course, Lightroom supports photos from the iPad camera roll as well.

As we asserted from the beginning, the app features the familiar Lightroom tools and presets, flagging and rejecting photos, sharing in social networks - in short, everything to make your photography "go places". Minus the photos and artistic talent, of course. That's up to you.

Lightroom Mobile is available from the link below. It requires an iPad 2 or later.


source: Adobe via Engadget




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"That's up to yo" ....... yo Luis D!

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What about Android? I can't find it.

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