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“Get S**t Done” is an entertainingly coarse app for chore-doing motivation


Developer: PlafhopDownload: Android
Genre: ProductivityPrice: Free (with in-app purchases)

Look, you might be the most motivated individual you know. You set up a task and go on to accomplish it, letting nothing stand in your way. All distractions eliminated. Focus laser-set on the task at hand. No breaks. Soul, body, and spirit all dedicated to work.

But sometimes even you, model citizen, need that extra jolt of motivation to push you into accomplishing something. A voice to discipline you into productivity and obedience. An app like Get S**t Done. This is a potty-mouthed amalgam of a to-do list, a timer, and organizer that will get you working and sweating at your goals like only your elementary school gym teacher could. Using the app is delightfully simple. It starts with the "Get S**t Done" home-screen that you swipe right and begin the narrative of a One man/woman, One mission (that's where you input your goal), and a time-limit for getting stuff done.

Press "HOOO-AAAH!", while simultaneously retaining yourself from grunting said exclamation loudly, and you'll end up at the next screen, which is about dividing your goal into sub-goals... because nobody can do that s**t all at once, right? That screen is followed by setting a punishment and reward of your choice, and finally, you get to choose a difficulty level and a bunch of options to really put you into the video game zone. When you're ready, it comes the time to do this s**t! The timer launches, mercilessly counting towards the ultimate fate of your goal. But don't tremble, because you're able to stop the timer and take a break. If you're a pussy.

You've got two outcomes, depending on whether you finished the task, or broke down halfway. You'll either get a well-deserved pat on the back with the "you're awesome!" screen, or the app will punish you, urging you to pull yourself together and try a little harder next time. Just like your gym coach - he's tough as nails, but with a heart of gold, forgiving and forever believing in your sports potential... even though you hate sports with every molecule of your body.

Get S**t Done is a free app in a free world, but it's Android-only. Try it if you appreciate the humor and need an intelligent tasker.
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