Games on demand for Android handsets from GameTanium

Games on demand for Android handsets from GameTanium
Games distributor Exent has announced that it will be offering a games on-demand service for Android devices called GameTanium. The service, which Exent would like to see on all things Android like smartphones, tablets and televisions, will feature 100 native games that are unnamed as of now. There will be a monthly charge for the service but GameTanium will offer a 7 day free trial. One paid subscription will let you play on any platform.

In a press release issued this past week, the company said, ""Exent's GameTanium™ OnDemand will be enhanced and become the first-of-its-kind integrated gaming service that enables users to start a game on one device and continue it on another, delivering seamless play across multiple platforms. Gamers will be able to effortlessly switch between their phone, PC, tablet and TV while their games, scores and levels are instantly saved, transferred and carried to the next device. The gamer's community features including user profiles, customized avatars and prize points will also cross over to the other screens."

GameTanium is expected to launch next month on Android handsets and rollout to other Android platforms early this year. Monthly payments can be made through PayPal. Game developers seeking a piece of the action can contact Exent by clicking on this link.

source: Exent via AndroidCentral

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