First Sony Z1 f benchmark shows amazing performance

First Sony Z1 f benchmark shows amazing performance
After months of speculations coming out of the never sleeping rumor mill, Sony has finally come out and announced the smaller version of the Sony Xperia Z1 – the Z1 f. Odd naming aside, the most recurrent topic, when it comes to the Z1 f, has generally had to do with the amazing specs the down-sized version of the phone was said to pack. As we found out yesterday, virtually everything that we tentatively knew beforehand turned out to be true – the Z1 f keeps the impressive 20.7MP camera unit of the Z1, and unlike the competition, refuses to go easy on the internals despite its less power-hungry 4.3-inch 720p screen.

A 720p screen, a Snapdragon 800 chipset with Adreno 330 graphics, combined with 2GB of RAM? Still sounds surreal, though it feels nice to see that reality exceeded our expectations for once. As can be expected, the lower pixel count that the quad 2.2GHz Krait CPUs have to work has resulted in considerably higher score than its equally decked-out bigger twin – 34376 points against the 5-inch Z1's 30838 (in our tests).

Check it out for yourself below, we've included a bonus hands-on video with the Z1 f, as well.

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1. DefinitiveKid

Posts: 264; Member since: May 15, 2013

Seems bulky as hell ! The screen is 4.3 but this phone looks BIG

4. pwnarena

Posts: 1129; Member since: Feb 15, 2013

say that to the iphone 5s. 4" vs 4.3" with almost the same sizes. of course it should be thick because it carries a much bigger battery. it has 2350 mah, which is way bigger than the iphone's and any other minis out there. it also has a larger camera sensor.

8. DefinitiveKid

Posts: 264; Member since: May 15, 2013

Not trying to start any war, I'm just saying that on these videos the phone LOOKS big, but maybe it's the person holding it who has tiny hands, I don't know... Anyway, I will never understand fanboys bringing up other OEMs at every occasion, you could just have told me about the Z1 f dimensions, no need to involve Apple in this discussion...

14. pwnarena

Posts: 1129; Member since: Feb 15, 2013

not being a fanboy. it's about looking for a benchmark. we're comparing phones of almost similar display sizes here. i am not familiar with the dimensions of the galaxy and htc minis so i'm just using the iphone 5 as a benchmark. you see i won't go out of my way to look for those dimensions just to defend a sony device.

19. bigstrudel

Posts: 604; Member since: Aug 20, 2012

The Xperia is also much wider than the iPhone. 7mm is a huge difference in hand. This is the main factor on why iPhone one hand useability is so good.

25. PapaSmurf

Posts: 10457; Member since: May 14, 2012

I'd take a larger screen at 720p, S800, and a 20.7 MP camera over an iPhone any day. Why? Simply because I can not stand the 4" screen on the iPhone. Once you pass the 5" barrier, going anything smaller is hell.

48. Miracles

Posts: 560; Member since: Aug 31, 2013

Well said. Totally agree. I have the Z (5") and looking at my family's phones with small screens makes it hell. I'd be like wtf is this. Then again, I have huge hands so I guess it goes to say that I like the 5" screen size.

32. buccob

Posts: 2972; Member since: Jun 19, 2012

Well that also depend on your own hands... I can handle my Xperia Acro S with one hand (126mm/66mm/11.9mm) similarly sized to the Z1 F, no problem, specially since we can use a slide typing feature instead of tap for text. So iPhone actually fails this way even having a smaller size...

38. pulkit.tyagi

Posts: 35; Member since: Nov 15, 2012

second video has 4:3 aspect ratio .. hence the image is taller !!

11. Chris.P

Posts: 567; Member since: Jun 27, 2013

Have you seen the Z1 in person? It's phablet-sized, which, incidentally, is the only thing I don't like about it.

13. pwnarena

Posts: 1129; Member since: Feb 15, 2013

are we reading the same article? the device in question here is the z1f or z1 mini. it's not that awful bezel-ful z1. (sorry if i'm misinterpreting your comment)

20. Chris.P

Posts: 567; Member since: Jun 27, 2013

I suppose my comment could be misleading. I meant that, seeing as the Z1 f is based on the Z1, it's only natural that it's equally gigantic.

33. buccob

Posts: 2972; Member since: Jun 19, 2012

I do not find the Z1 F gigantic, however the Z1 is really big and thats the main reason for me not to buy it... But the problem in both phones is that the camera sensor requires certain thickness (almost all the way through from back to front) and that is why it is positioned above the screen (on the opposite side) So keeping this in mind, the top bezel HAS to be this big to be able to fit the camera... The bottom is another story and I would have like capacity buttons but we can't have it all... In perspective my Xperia Acro S is 1 mm shorter in heigth even when it has buttons outside the screen, and that is because the camera sensor is directly behind the screen... but they compromised thickness so thats why my phone is almost 12mm thick. In conclusion the size of the Z1 F seems totally reasonable for a phone with such specs... and it is perfectly easy to handle with one hand.

17. dil2abu

Posts: 315; Member since: Nov 09, 2011

I don't think any other company could make such a compact phone with tat specs keeping Ip58 certification.. Sony could make compact phone like ZL.. Think before you complain about size..

26. papss unregistered

Regardless of what it has its STILL huge for a phone screen so small. Looking at the video I bet it's on part with a 4.7 screen phone so to me water/dust proof isn't worth the size. As you say think before you post

28. dil2abu

Posts: 315; Member since: Nov 09, 2011

Water/Dust proof isn't worth the size? Really? Check the size of S4 active.. Why can't Samsung make it same size as S4? Z1 f is huge because of its specs..

31. yudi.nemesis unregistered

Lol Z1f isn’t only dust and waterproof but also comes with powerful chipset, big battery and large camera sensor. From what i know until this day there is no one can make bezelles waterproof phone, just look at LG Optimus GJ and S4 Active bezels. Before you talk to much BS about the size of Z1f, maybe you can show me any waterproof phones (IP67 or IP58) with 1.2/3 camera sensor, S800/Exynos 5 Octa/Tegra 4 Chipsets and 2300 mAh battery. In smaller dimension than Z1f (127 x 65 x 9.4 mm).

37. dil2abu

Posts: 315; Member since: Nov 09, 2011

Exactly.. +1

2. ijklmnop

Posts: 18; Member since: Oct 10, 2013

zL,z1,z1f pretty clean lineup.good job sony

3. wicpromd

Posts: 266; Member since: Aug 20, 2013

Galaxy s4 mini and HTC one mini just shame on you both...... this is what we call Mini flagship,Xperia Z1 f

5. shahrooz

Posts: 792; Member since: Sep 17, 2013

level 16 tiny

7. jb4674

Posts: 145; Member since: Apr 05, 2013

Now the iPhone 5S has a similar competitor that has clearly smoked it in every way.

23. pwnarena

Posts: 1129; Member since: Feb 15, 2013

not really. the iphone5s smokes almost every android in the competition. but design-wise, feature-wise, battery-wise, and price-wise, androids are still more preferable.

35. buccob

Posts: 2972; Member since: Jun 19, 2012

sarcasm? if not what am I missing... if I want a better design, more features, better battery and lower price AND you are saying android is more preferable, in which way the iPhone 5S smokes Android phones? Obviously taken into account flagships and similarly specced or similarly priced...

40. pwnarena

Posts: 1129; Member since: Feb 15, 2013

read the earlier comment for which my reply was intended. the iphone5s smokes android phones when it comes to benchmarks. you can look that up here or in other websites. despite its specs that seem inferior to topnotch androids, it actually manages to win benchmarks.

44. buccob

Posts: 2972; Member since: Jun 19, 2012

oh ok... benchmarks... I never take them as a selling point, even for myself being techie. I tend to disagree on comparing devices with different OS and underneath features... iOS 7 has a lot of welcome additions, but it just does not cut it for me, Android is still the most flexible and you have the most options for both software and hardware. I.E. IP57 or more is important for me, bigger screen than 4", microSD slot, affordable TV Out option (microHDMI cable or MHL adapter)... so the iPhone is out of the question for me, even if benchmark says its faster

49. buccob

Posts: 2972; Member since: Jun 19, 2012

Nice... I already knew Sony is pretty good in optimization... but I hadn't seen that comparisson... anyway like I said, benchmarks are one thing, but selling points for me are another...

9. shahulvm

Posts: 124; Member since: Apr 01, 2012

This is just number, yet it is real benchmarking...Please take note Samsung instead of tweaking your phone to perform differently while using the benchmarking apps...Sucksung!!!

34. TwentyWendy

Posts: 65; Member since: Aug 12, 2013

Anyway, galaxy note 3 blows away this deal ant phone already, sorry to disappoint :)

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