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Final Fantasy is seen as the top selling game for Verizon's feature phones

Final Fantasy is seen as the top selling game for Verizon's feature phones
As much as some gamers would tend to think that handsets like the iPhone, Palm Pre, or RIM's BlackBerry would garner a decent library of top notch games, we shouldn't forget some of the many feature phones out there that can lay claim to some decent titles as well. We've been given an overview at some of the gaming titles that proven to become popular for Verizon's line of 3G multimedia and select simple feature phones. At the top of the list, the long time classic role playing game Final Fantasy by Namco proved to be the top selling game amongst Verizon's list during the first six months of this year. Follow closely behind at second and third are “The Sims 3 World Adventures” and “Jewel Quest III” by EA Mobile. In addition, there are a host of other action oriented and puzzle games that dominate their top ten list – which goes to show that there is a market for gaming seen in feature phones. Even though most of these handsets may not sport the insane high-end specs seen on some modern smartphones, they're more than capable of running some simple games that don't require eye catching 3D graphics which find their strength with addicting and quality game play.

source: PR Newswire


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