Feature phones to take advantage of optimized Google searches as well

Feature phones to take advantage of optimized Google searches as well
Android devices and the iPhone got optimized searching in Google at the end of the last year, meaning all results show faster and are formatted in such a way that you don´t need to zoom in or scroll much to easily go over what´s on screen. Google expanded their language support in March this year and the optimized searching has become available in more than 20 different languages.

The Internet giant has now announced availability of optimized searching to feature phones users in over 38 languages. The best part is you don´t need to install any software to make use of the function. Searching in Google on your handset is now quite similar to the way you do it on your desktop computer - if there are results falling under categories like News, Pictures, Blogs, Videos and Product search, they will show up at the top of the screen. You will be also able to use standard search engine functions, such as unit converter, weather forecast etc. The team at Google keeps working on optimizing the results even more, so that, say, a search for nearby restaurants will show phone numbers, allowing you to make bookings etc.

Are you satisfied with Google Mobile or you tend to use Microsoft Bing that is expected to become a standard feature on Windows Mobile handsets?

source: Google Mobile Blog

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