FYI, the Nexus 6P doesn't have a bending problem

FYI, the Nexus 6P doesn't have a bending problem
There is a video going around that appears to show the Nexus 6P having a pretty big problem with bending. Unfortunately, the guy that made the video is probably nothing more than a troll looking to get views (and he seems to have succeeded). As for his conclusion that the Nexus 6P is "a joke" with a huge bending problem? That is false.

Now, to be fair, the scratch test portion of the video seems pretty reasonable, so we would suggest you be careful about putting your Nexus 6P into a pocket with keys, but the bend test portion has one major flaw: it is done after all of the other torture tests. This means that the bend test wasn't performed on a Nexus that has full structural integrity, but was done on a Nexus 6P that was already weakened with fire (as if anyone needed to know that fire was bad for electronics) and more importantly, the glass on the Nexus had cracked. The glass of a smartphone is a major component of the overall strength, so if you have a cracked screen, the entire device is going to bend much more easily. 

There are a number of videos on YouTube that show the Nexus 6P undergoing bend tests without a cracked screen and the device stands up to every one of them. Our favorite (below) is one where a guy rigged up a way to simply stack weigh onto the device rather than using the incredibly unscientific test of bending with your hands. He got it up to 90 pounds with only a very slight bend and would have needed more if you wanted anything significant. For reference, last year's iPhone 6 Plus would deform under 90 pounds of pressure, according to Consumer Report testing. So, at most, the Nexus 6P has the same amount of a bend problem as the iPhone 6, which is to say not one that most people will notice. 

So, if you have a Nexus 6P, you probably don't have to worry, and we're certainly not in a new #bendgate by any means. 

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