Ever wondered what life was like before smartphones?

Ever wondered what life was like before smartphones?
Ah, those old times when the sky was bluer and the snow was whiter... back then, when smartphones (or phones, for that matter) didn't even exist, and in order to talk to someone, you simply had to wave a hand and say "Hi!".

Those times sure ain't coming back; though, who knows, maybe they will? But, the fact is that the way we communicate with one another has vastly changed during the recent years, due to awesome stuff like computers, internet and social networks. Some aspects of it have changed for the better, while others, we guess, for the worse. Like every other thing in this world, the digital revolution has its pros and cons. It gives you the power to connect with others who are on the opposite side of the world, but at the same time cuts the connection with those who are sitting right next to you. (Or, maybe we just need to learn to control that power?)

So, what was life like before people had smartphones? Here's a graphic that tries to tell us just that... and more:

via: Gizmodo

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