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Else promises to change the rules of the game, but can it really?

Else promises to change the rules of the game, but can it really?
The Israeli company Else (formerly known as Emblaze Mobile) has introduced their first cell phone, called the First Else at a dedicated event in London. The information about the new smartphone is still sketchy at best (based on Access Linux Platform 3.0), but the little we know makes us believe it will be a mighty device. Its heart is the same TI OMAP 3430 chipset that powers the Palm Pre, iPhone 3GS, Motorola Droid etc. and the large 3.5-inch capacitive screen with native resolution of 854x480 pixels takes up the front side of the handset almost entirely. Aside from pictures, the 5-megapixel camera will be able to capture 480p videos at 30 frames per second. The manufacturer also promises that you will be able to use the device equipped with capacious 1,450mAh battery for at least one hour longer than the iPhone 3GS. The First Else supports EDGE and HSDPA and is expected to feature 32GB built-in memory. The cell phone will roll out sometime in 2010 (fingers crossed) through O2 in the UK..

Actually, hardware is not the most intersting aspect of the First Else. We find the idea of an interface that adapts depending on the way you use it, as opposed to software that you just have to get used to, like it or lump it, quite fascinating and the name of the operating system,
Intuition, reflects the notion. It´s based on the sPlay interface that is best desribed as a wheel that can be easily controlled with your right thumb and allows easy access to important and overused functions. Despite the fact that the guys with Else claim this practically eliminates the need of main menu, their operating system comes with one. Take a look at the video presentation that was shown at the event in London..

All told, Intuition looks quite nice indeed and Else promises something quite different from anything we have seen this far. Still, we´re old hands at cell phones and can´t say it´s the first time we´ve seen devices being advertised as the next iPhone killer and featuring operating systems qualified as unique sink into oblivion quite fast, so let´s not jump the gun here. Still, we do hope the First Else proves to be revolutioanry, because we like its futuristic interface quite a lot, not to mention today´s cell phone market could use some fresh air to stir things a bit.

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