Dropbox offers offline folders feature to premium users

Dropbox offers offline folders feature to premium users
As storage space on even the most advanced smartphones of today continues to be an issue, the convenience of using cloud storage has become somewhat of a necessity, especially for work related matters.

Dropbox, one of the most popular apps in this field has recently introduced the ability to download entire folders offline on your mobile device. This nice new feature serves as continuation to the capability that Dropbox already possesses – storing individual files offline.

It is not hard to specify the advantages of being able to access information without the need for internet – after all, this commodity is yet to become omnipresent. Areas with low coverage, network data limitations or even going through tunnels can hinder a person's ability to work on the go, so offline access to files has become a much sought after feature with such apps.

While Dropbox automatically saves copies of your cloud content on PC, the mobile version does the opposite by default so as to retain precious space on your physical memory. A user then has to specifically choose what to save, so if multiple things have to be downloaded at once, the hassle of choosing each of these individual files and then organizing them could potentially become a time-consuming and inconvenient endeavor. It seems like a no-brainer that the addition of a method to download entire folders was much needed and probably should have been present from the start.

The much-anticipated feature is expected to be available for Android users first in the next few days, while iOS users will most probably have to wait until January next year. Not everyone using Dropbox would be able to benefit from it however, as one would have to pay a monthly subscription to the Enterprise, Business or Pro versions of Dropbox in order to enjoy its advantages.

source: Dropbox via SlashGear

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