Do you use the manual controls of your phone camera app?

Do you use the manual controls of your phone camera app?
The more sophisticated phone cameras get, with megapixel counts in the double digits, optical image stabilization, and swanky focusing systems, the more capable of professional photography tricks they become. 

Not only that, but handset manufacturers are increasingly equipping the stock camera apps with manual modes, and even Apple strayed away from the point-and-shoot paradigm, adding an ever-increasing amount of options to its iPhone camera interface.

That is why we wanted to ask you if you actually find use for these manual modes on your phone's camera, or are mostly setting it on auto, and forgetting about all the other possibilities. Manual modes are getting increasingly complex - you can set separate values for exposure, ISO, white balance, and even shutter speeds with many phones, so if you are into photography, it's a great time to own a capable smartphone. 

How many of you are actually using those options, though? Mark your answer in the poll below, and tell us about it in the comments.

Do you use the manual controls of your camera app?

Yes, very often
From time to time
No, I mostly shoot in auto mode


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