Dell Venue Pro might also be experiencing the dreaded death grip problem?

Dell Venue Pro might also be experiencing the dreaded death grip problem?
Just when things looked like they were beginning to fall in place for the Dell Venue Pro, which had its share of hardware problems early on, there are probably some kinks that are still affecting the recently just launched handset.

Luckily, we've been getting acquainted with this gorgeous looking Windows Phone 7 smartphone for the past few days, and much like anything new, we're putting it through an intensive workout to gauge its level of performance. However, there appears to possibly be yet another headache that has befallen this smartphone – which of course is overcoming other previous hardware issues.

In our experience, gripping the lower portion of the handset drastically dropped the amount of bars that it displayed. Similar to the death grip problem that plagues some Apple iPhone 4 units to this day, it looks like the same thing is happening with the Dell Venue Pro. Granted that we have yet to witness it dropping a phone call while giving it the death grip, we managed to get it from 5 bars to 0 in a matter of under a minute.

Naturally, relinquishing the death grip gradually increased the amount of bars it displays, but it is probably going to be a concerning issue for others. So if you've managed to get your hands on a Dell Venue Pro, are you also experiencing the same problem?

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